Protection against brain tumors with allergy antibodies

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Allergy sufferers have a lower risk of brain tumors

Allergy sufferers are apparently at a lower risk of brain tumors. A British-American team of researchers comes to this conclusion in a current study of possible connections between the occurrence of brain tumors and the concentration of allergy-specific antibodies, so-called immunoglobulin E (IgE).

The scientists at Imperial College in London (UK), Harvard University in Cambridge (USA) and Brown University in Providence in the state of Rhode Island (USA) found that the risk of brain cancer in allergy sufferers is higher than the average Population apparently significantly lower. The allergy antibodies IgE apparently protect against brain tumors, the researchers report in the current issue of the journal "the National Cancer Institute".

Tens of Thousands of Data from US Health Studies Evaluated The UK-American team of researchers used its extensive research to evaluate the medical data from tens of thousands of people who had participated in four large-scale health studies in the United States. The data made it possible to compare the concentration of allergy antibodies in the organism with the development of cancer in the brain. The researchers were not only able to access data from the cancer patients after the diagnosis, but also had information from the health studies on the IgE content before the brain tumor diagnosis. In addition, if the therapy was successful, the data on surviving cancer was available to them. In this way, the researchers could also rule out that the IgE level in the organism was influenced by the cancer or its treatment. In the opinion of the co-author of the current article, Dominique Michaud from Brown University, what was particularly important "to recognize whether it is a meaningful effect."

Allergy sufferers' immune response to tumors The evaluated data provide clear indications that allergy sufferers are less likely to suffer from brain cancer than the population average, reports Brown University's epidemiologist in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. For example, people who had a slightly elevated level of the antibody IgE formed in allergies (such as asthma) in the blood were significantly less likely to develop brain tumors. However, this does not apply to people with a very high IgE level. According to the experts, further studies are therefore necessary to explain the connections between the allergy antibodies and the occurrence of cancer in the brain. However, it is clear that "the immune response of people with allergies to tumors is different from that of people without allergies," said epidemiologist Dominique Michaud. According to the experts, the immunoglobulin E, which is primarily required to ward off parasites, apparently plays a decisive role here, although the IgE portion of the body's total immunoglobulins is usually well below one percent. (fp)

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