Herbal tea prevents colds

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Drinking a lot of herbal teas prevents colds

With the winter time, the cold and cold season is just around the corner. Drinking a lot, especially in the form of herbal teas, can help prevent the corresponding illnesses, Johannes Gottfried Mayer from the research group for monastery medicine at the University of Würzburg told the news agency "dpa".

According to the expert, hydration in the form of herbal teas helps to prevent the mucous membranes from drying out, so that they retain their protective function against pathogens. Herbal teas are therefore an effective means of preventing colds even in winter, explained Johannes Gottfried Mayer.

Healthy herbal tea with mucilaginous substances and essential oils In order for the herbal teas to have the maximum effect against colds, they should "primarily supply mucilaginous substances or saponins as well as antiviral and antibacterial essential oils", emphasized Gottfried Mayer from the research group of monastery medicine at the University of Würzburg. According to the expert, the mucus and saponins form a kind of protective film over the mucous membranes, which makes it easier for them to ward off pathogens. According to Gottfried Mayer, the essential oils have an antiviral and antibacterial mode of action. So the consumption of appropriate herbal teas can help to avoid the occurrence of colds even in the cold season. Mayer named herbal tea from the marshmallow root, which contains a lot of mucilage, from licorice roots, which contain a lot of saponins, and from thyme or peppermint, both of which contain many essential oils, as an example of the cold-preventing hot drinks. "Depending on your taste preferences, you can mix marshmallow or licorice with thyme or peppermint," says the expert. According to Gottfried Mayer, it is also important that sufficient amounts of the teas are drunk. The herbal tea should not be drunk too hot and slowly several times a day in order to achieve an optimal effect, Mayer explained. In this way, drinking a lot can help prevent colds during the winter.

Nutrition to strengthen the immune system Not only fluid intake but also nutrition can have a cold-preventing effect. According to the experts, a balanced and healthy diet supports the defense against the common cold virus. A healthy diet strengthens the immune system, whereby vitamins, trace elements such as zinc and selenium, but also unsaturated fatty acids, have a positive effect. In addition to fluid intake, care should therefore be taken to ensure that the daily diet contains as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible. Regular consumption of whole grains and fish is also recommended. You can read about the naturopathic methods for avoiding colds, runny nose and cough in the cold season in the specialist article "Strengthening the immune system". (fp)

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