Rubbing hands relieves itching

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Rub instead of scratching when hands are itchy

Eczema on the hands often causes massive itching. However, those affected should under no circumstances scratch their fingernails, pierce vesicles or remove dandruff, as the complaints may otherwise increase, according to the latest announcement by the Professional Association of German Dermatologists (BVDD) in Berlin.

Patients with itchy hands can best alleviate the plague need for scratching by gently rubbing, tapping or massaging the affected skin areas, the experts from the professional association of German dermatologists explained. On the other hand, if you scratch your fingernails, prick the small blisters or peel off skin residues, you risk that the eczema on your hands worsens. In the worst case, chronic complaints threaten, which can extend over months, warn the experts.

Measures to relieve itching The causes of eczema on the hands can be of various types. Diseases such as neurodermatitis, disorders of the nervous system, but also food intolerance or tumor disease can be considered as triggers of chronic itching. According to the experts, relief from the need for scratching can, for example, involve briefly applied, moist envelopes. The envelopes should be soaked in black tea beforehand in order to successfully reduce the itching, the BVDD explained. Relaxation exercises and creative employment for the hands also help those affected to forget the itching, the experts explained. To avoid subconscious scratching during the night, the BVDD also recommends wearing cotton gloves. In addition, patients with chronic itchy hands should only use lukewarm water to wash their hands, the experts say. If there is an acute need for scratching, rubbing, tapping or massaging the hands will help to reduce the often unbearable itching, the professional association of dermatologists in Berlin said.

Naturopathic treatment for itching
Intense itching can occur in various parts of the body, with the BVDD's statement that scratching with the fingernails is not recommended for the entire body. From a naturopathic point of view, various treatment options are available to alleviate the symptoms, whereby the cause of the chronic itching must first be determined in order to select a suitable therapeutic approach. You can also read about the possible fields of application of naturopathic treatments for itching: nettle fever, tingling in the limbs, after itching, nipple itching and TCM therapy for neurodermatitis. (fp)

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