BKK for health professions: AOK cancels discussions

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BKK for health professions: AOK Hamburg / Rhineland cancels discussions

For the suffering BKK for health care professions, hopes for a quick rescue disappear dramatically. If the AOK Hamburg / Rhineland had announced that it would merge under certain conditions, these discussions have now also burst. AOK CEO Wilfried Jacobs told Rheinische Post that the BKK health professions are in an “extremely difficult situation”. For this reason, the cash register will not be offered an offer for a merger. Other potential partners had already jumped off in advance. While a health insurance fund in the association of company health insurance funds (BKK) canceled after the first merger talks, the BKK association no longer declared itself ready to guarantee sufficient financial aid.

Closure of the BKK inevitable for health professionals
The BKK for health care professionals will now suffer the same fate as the City BKK that has already closed. "We are now preparing for a closure," said the cash register spokesman, Ulrich Rosendahl. A hearing is currently pending before the Federal Insurance Office. The process will be completed in late October. If no partner was found for a merger by October 26, the top cash supervisory authority will decide to finally close the BKK for healthcare professions. The till would then have to close by the end of 2011. The remaining members would then have to look for a new health insurance company.

Currently, most of the 120,000 insured (79,000 contributory members) of the BKK would remain loyal to health care professionals, says the cash register spokesman. If the BKK announces a closure for health professions, the insured do not have to terminate in this case. Only when the decision is official will the health insurance company write to its members and draw attention to the closure. "Then our customers have time in November and December to look for a new cash register," said the spokesman.

But time could be running out. As with the City BKK, the BKK insures an above-average number of older and chronically ill people for health care professions. Although the law states that all statutory health insurers are obliged to accept the new insured, problems could arise again. When City BKK was closed, numerous health insurance companies tried to reject new applications on the phone. The reason: The health insurance companies feared a so-called boom rank effect because they fear a change in the membership structure. If there are low-paying but many cost-intensive older and seriously ill people in a health insurance fund, the health fund's allocations are no longer sufficient. If additional contributions have to be set up because of this, many also change their health insurance. The AOK Hamburg / Rhineland wants to set up a "special advice service" so that the insured do not experience any problems when changing. This will open as soon as it is officially known that "the BKK health care professions will be closed," said Jacobs.

Future of employees still uncertain
The remaining 240 employees would also be affected by the closure. Depending on the number of members changing, the AOK wants to take on corresponding employees. The Düsseldorf-based BKK Essanelle also announced that it was submitting job offers. Here, too, you are guided by the actually changed number of insured persons. (sb)

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