Professional rehab instead of early retirement

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The social association VdK demands more professional rehabilitation for mentally ill workers

The social association VdK describes it as "alarming" that more and more workers have to retire early due to a mental illness. VdK President Ulrike Mascher: "If 71,000 men and women had to apply for a disability pension due to mental illness last year and the average age of those affected was only 48.3 years when retirement, then politics cannot accept it. Everything has to be done be done to give these people a second start into working life through targeted medical and professional rehabilitation measures. The rehabilitation budget must therefore not continue to be capped or even reduced. "

The VdK also welcomes last Friday's decision by the Federal Council to stop the planned reform of unemployment benefits for the time being. Mascher: "The federal government's draft law also worsens the chances of integration on the labor market, even for people with health problems."

The VdK spoke out in favor of promoting integration companies that are an effective link between the first and second labor market. In these companies, people with mental illnesses, in particular, could find support in their professional and everyday lives through professional guidance and socio-educational support, and this at tariff or local conditions. The aim of the integration companies is the permanent professional integration of people with health restrictions. (Michael Pausder)

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