IKK Südwest excludes additional contributions until 2014

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The statutory health insurance company IKK Südwest excludes additional contributions and guarantees stable contributions until 2014

Hardly any health insurance company hangs out of the window as far as the IKK Südwest guild health insurance. Other health insurance companies also exclude additional contributions, but only "probably this year and next". However, the IKK Südwest already guarantees its insureds that they will not make any additional contributions until 2014. "We are in good health, have high reserves and have a good insurance structure. This sets us apart from most of our competitors," says Frank Spaniol, CEO of IKK Südwest. "Therefore, we can definitely rule out additional costs for our members by 2014." The basis for the decision is the still solid finances of the IKK Südwest. After the IKK closed the first half of 2011 with a plus of 19.7 million euros, the insured of IKK Südwest should benefit directly from the stable financial situation. "In times when there is a nationwide discussion about the tight financial situation of health insurance companies, we send a clear signal and contribute to the financial relief of our members in the long term," explains Gerhard Freiler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IKK Südwest. "We will continue to offer our insureds a noticeable price advantage in the future due to low administrative costs, targeted cost management and a serious financial policy," continued Freiler.

The health insurance company assumes that it is one of the "most economical health insurance companies in Germany". Therefore, "due to the significant price difference compared to many competitors, an above-average membership growth is still expected". If another health insurance company charges an additional contribution, the insured can exercise their special right of termination. Cash registers that already raised additional contributions had to fight with sometimes violent member exits. The IKK Südwest apparently assumes that competitors will have to make additional contributions in the coming year due to their financial situation. Around 680,000 people are currently insured with IKK Südwest. (sb)

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