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Legoland: Unknown fluid causes shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting

Substances harmful to health were apparently released from a broken ampoule in Legoland. Several visitors and employees of Legoland near Günzburg had to receive medical care temporarily due to severe nausea and vomiting. What was in the broken bottle is still unclear.

The experts from the State Criminal Police Office suspect that the cause of the health complaints among employees and visitors to Legoland could have been a "bad joke" and the ampoule was actually intended as a so-called stink bomb. However, this presumption has to be checked as part of the further investigations before a final assessment can be made, said a spokesman for the Criminal Police Office.

On Saturday, several guests of Legoland had noticed a bad smell in the area of ​​the Lego factory, which emanated from a broken ampoule. The visitors then contacted an employee who immediately tried to remove the leaked liquid with the help of mops and paper towels. When trying to remove the malodorous liquid, the Legoland employee suffered from severe shortness of breath followed by violent nausea. After the immediately alerted emergency doctor arrived, numerous other people reported suffering from symptoms such as headache, nausea and vomiting. According to the Criminal Police Office, eleven of those affected only needed outpatient care on site, but a patient with asthma had to be hospitalized as a precaution.

Follow-up analyzes of the disease-causing fluid The alarmed rescue workers were particularly careful in view of the symptoms that occurred with park visitors and the Legoland employee in order to rule out further health problems from the outset. The helpers entered the building wearing protective suits and a respiratory mask. However, no health-endangering substances were found during the first measurements. Which liquid could have caused the health complaints among the visitors to the amusement park was therefore initially completely unclear. Even after removing the liquid, an unpleasant smell was noticeable in the Lego factory, but this did not cause any further health problems. In order to determine which liquid was responsible for the appearance of the symptoms, the paper towels that were used for cleaning were secured on site and packed airtight after consultation with the chemists of the State Criminal Police Office (LKA). The subsequent analysis in the laboratory should now shed light on the situation. According to the LKA chemists' initial assumptions, the broken vial could be a bad joke. The liquid and ampoule strongly remind of a so-called stink bomb, the LKA reported. However, since many people suffered from serious health problems, the police are currently investigating dangerous bodily harm and are asking for support from the population. Whoever has information about the incidents should contact the police, the police said.

Hydrogen sulfide causes considerable health problems. Most stink bombs work on the basis of the release of hydrogen sulfide, whereby the gas is extremely toxic when inhaled and can irritate the mucous membranes and trigger breathlessness and dizziness even in low concentrations. However, the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the air usually does not reach any harmful values, since the gas evaporates relatively quickly. However, the release of hydrogen sulfide in closed rooms can more easily lead to critical concentrations. However, in this case it seems strange that the rescue workers were unable to detect any pollutants in the indoor air during their measurements. It remains to be seen whether a stink bomb based on hydrogen sulfide was actually the cause of the health complaints among visitors to Legoland. (fp)

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