Epilepsy: sharp increase in spending

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Epilepsy: Sharp increase in hospital treatment expenditure: IKK Südwest provides information on Epilepsy Day

On the occasion of the German Epilepsy Day on October 5, 2011, the IKK Südwest draws attention to the clinical picture epilepsy. Epilepsy, which is used to describe brain dysfunction, is when a patient has spontaneously experienced at least two epileptic seizures that were not caused by a previous identifiable cause.

In a recent study, the IKK Südwest found that the number of cases requiring outpatient treatment for epilepsy decreased slightly in 2010 (2008: 8474 cases, 2010: 8431 cases). There was a slight increase in inpatient hospital treatment (2008: 778 cases, 2010: 863 cases).

In the same period, the cost of inpatient treatment rose sharply, from 1.95 million euros in 2008 to 2.93 million euros in 2010. In 2010, an inpatient epilepsy patient caused an average cost of around 3400 euros. In 2008 it was around 2500 euros.

As a result, per capita spending climbed from 4.76 euros in 2008 to 6.40 euros in 2010 (+34 percent). Michael Rock, Head of Services, justifies the increased expenditure mainly with the increase in the so-called national base case values. These are crucial for determining the costs of hospital treatment: "The state base case values ​​are highest in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate compared to other federal states," he explains. Those affected can get support from the contact and information centers for self-help groups (KISS), in Hesse under Tel. 069/55 93 58, in Rhineland-Palatinate under Tel. 06 51/14 11 80 and in Saarland under Tel. 06 81/9 60 21 30. The IKK Südwest as health insurer supports the self-help institutions financially within the framework of self-help promotion. (pm)

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