Overview of cardiovascular risks

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Keep track of cardiovascular risks

Cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or heart failure are favored by western risk factors such as high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, sedentary lifestyle and increased blood lipid levels. The Deutsche Herzstiftung e.V. publishes a health passport so that patients can keep an eye on the risk factors.

The causes of the development of heart diseases are determined by various factors such as Smoking, overweight, metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes or fat metabolism disorders), alcoholism, stress and family disposition greatly favored. The health card of the German Heart Foundation takes into account the current guidelines of the European Society for Cardiology. The health pass was designed by experts so that patients keep a close eye on their individual risk factor. The test results such as blood pressure, cholesterol or weight can be entered there regularly.

Measures to lower the risk factors at a glance
Those affected can see at a glance which measures they have to take to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is how the heart experts write: The health passport can support efforts to live healthy. The risks should be checked and discussed with the family doctor or cardiologist. The results can be entered after each examination. In the course of therapy, success can be achieved, for example, through a change in diet and more exercise in order to reduce the personal risk of heart disease. The health pass can either be downloaded free of charge here or ordered by post via Deutsche Herzstiftung, Vogtstraße 50, 60322 Frankfurt am Main. (sb)

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