Association gives pension with 69 clear rejection

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VdK President Ulrike Mascher criticizes pension with 69 mind games of the Ministry of Finance

The social association VdK gives a clear rejection to the considerations of the Federal Ministry of Finance to increase the retirement age by a further two years to 69. VdK President Ulrike Mascher: "Older workers and pensioners did not cause the financial and economic crisis. That is why they must not be victims of it now." It makes no sense to think about the "pension at 69" before the conditions for the "pension at 67" have been created on the labor market, emphasized Mascher.

According to the Federal Employment Agency, more than a third of all companies only employ people who are younger than 50 years old. Only ten percent of the newly hired employees are older than 50 years. And almost half of all 55-year-olds are no longer employed. Mascher: "Already increasing the retirement age to 67 means an increase in unemployment for many older people and thus a reduction in the amount of pension. Retirement at 69 would exacerbate the problem and promote the spread of old-age poverty."

The VdK President also made an appeal to the companies: "Even with the 'pension at 67', the conditions are not right. First of all, you have to make sure that people up to 65 stay healthy in gainful employment that they can make a living from In order to maintain their employability, we need more training and health promotion in the companies, but only a fifth of the companies are currently doing this, "emphasized Mascher. (Michael Pausder)

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