Alternative practitioner symposium in the Congress Park Hanau

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Alternative practitioner symposium with the topic: Stress: body and soul in alarm - causes, consequences, therapies

"Body and soul in alarm, stress: causes - consequences - therapies" is the main topic of the 7th Alternative Practitioner Symposium in the Congress Park Hanau on Saturday, November 12, 2011. The Hesse State Association of the Union of German Alternative Practitioners (UDH) and the Association of German People Alternative practitioners (VDH) are joint organizers for this further and advanced training offer, with which all alternative practitioners and naturopathic therapists in the greater Frankfurt / Darmstadt / Mainz / Wiesbaden / Fulda / Würzburg area and the rest of Hesse are addressed.

Efficiency, performance and the pressure to succeed are requirements of modern everyday life and that in ever faster rhythms and beat numbers. In addition, the daily routine is filled with stimuli, so that "stress" has become a frequently used word even among children and adolescents. "Leisure time basically has nothing in common with free time," says Monika Gerhardus, President of the Union of German Alternative Practitioners.

"Burn-out" torments some, "Bore-out" the others. Excessive or insufficient demands not only lead to mental illnesses, but often show up in physical exhaustion. Various lectures and practical workshops will contribute to the content. Parallel to the symposium, an exhibition will take place, in which biological-pharmaceutical and medical-technical companies will present their products and therapies. The direct conversation offers the therapist the exchange of further experiences and insights on the topic. (pm)

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