More men suffer from osteoporosis

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Number of osteoporosis diseases in men increased

More and more men suffer from osteoporosis. Until now, women have mainly been affected by the bone disease, but the proportion of men in Germany's more than eight million osteoporosis diseases has risen to around a third in the past few years, the German Society for Urology (DGU) explained in advance of its annual congress in September .

According to the experts, many men are not aware of the risk of osteoporosis and only after clear signs such as broken bones appear on relatively harmless occasions do those affected see a doctor. The first diagnosis is made accordingly late and the health impairments have often already reached an advanced stage, the experts report. However, early diagnosis could lead to relatively effective preventive measures, so that the German Society for Urology at its annual congress also wants to raise men's awareness of the disease, said DGU Secretary General Oliver Hakenberg. According to the doctors, the bone disease is generally differentiated into primary and secondary osteoporosis, whereby the primary osteoporosis is not based on any recognizable pathological causes, while the secondary is caused by another illness or its therapy.

Men often suffer from secondary osteoporosis As the urologist and andrologist from the University Hospital of Münster, Sabine Kliesch, emphasized, "the majority of men are diagnosed with secondary osteoporosis". Therefore, the search for the disease-related causes is particularly important for those affected by males. Because a causal therapy can only be started on the basis of an exact diagnosis of the cause. A deficiency of the sex hormone testosterone is one of the common causes, said the expert. Such a hormone deficiency can be caused by appropriate therapy, especially in patients with prostate cancer. In order to reduce the risk of increasing osteoporosis in patients with age, preventive action should be taken early, according to the urologist.

In addition to osteoporosis in prostate cancer patients, the bone disease also occurs more frequently with long-term therapies with cortisone preparations and with kidney dysfunction, explained Sabine Kliesch. The expert cited an unhealthy lifestyle with poor nutrition, alcohol, nicotine and lack of exercise as further risk factors. On the other hand, if you are physically active, eat a balanced diet and pay special attention to adequate calcium intake, you can significantly reduce your personal risk of osteoporosis, according to the expert.

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