Better opportunities for mother-child cures

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Mothers and fathers should now apply for a mother-child cure

The health insurers' desire to save has led to a massive decline in approved mother-child cures in recent years. In the meantime, however, a cross-party coalition has formed in the Bundestag with the aim of strengthening the rights of mothers and fathers. The Maternity Recovery Agency (MGW) calls on legally insured mothers and fathers to submit spa applications. Politically, there is currently an enormous backwind, as the association said.

The first spa facilities are currently struggling with massive financial slumps because health insurers have approved fewer and fewer spa applications in the past. Mother-child cures were particularly affected. According to the MGW, the health insurance companies declined about a third of the cures last year. The rejection rate increased by 3 percent compared to the same period in the previous year. The actions of the health insurers to increasingly reject mother-child cures are now being audibly criticized across parliamentary groups in the German Bundestag, as the managing director of the mother's recovery organization, Anne Schilling, announced today in Berlin. The support of the parties could change the approval practice of the health insurers in the future, because politics is now looking very closely. For this reason, the association recommends that burnt-out and sick mothers apply for a cure promptly.

A bipartisan motion for a resolution to strengthen the rights of the applicants is expected to be adopted in the Bundestag after the political summer break. The application is primarily about creating new transparency in the approval process. In July this year, the joint health committee of the Bundestag expressed its dissatisfaction with the practice of the health insurance companies. There were indications that there were "major deficits" in the examination of the spa applications, as the application said. For this reason, the health insurance companies were asked to make the approval procedures more transparent by the end of the year and to set out detailed criteria for reasons for rejection. Because, in the opinion of numerous health policy deputies, the health insurers often disregard the legal entitlement of parents when it comes to applying for a mother and child. For example, there were reports in the cash registers that arbitrarily rejected applications without justification.

Cures can demonstrably alleviate emerging diseases in advance and thus save costs in the health system in the long term. Back pain, depression or acute sleep disorders can be treated during a course of treatment. Up until 2007, parent-child cures were still discretionary services. In a reform, the cures were converted into compulsory benefits. According to the Health Committee, the number of approved treatments initially increased significantly in 2007 and 2008. In the following years, the numbers declined noticeably again. In 2009 the approved cure measures decreased by 6.01 percent and in 2010 by 9.22 percent (compared to the previous year). (sb)

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