Health insurance companies collect additional contributions

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Health insurance companies collect additional contributions

The statutory health insurance companies have now started to put offending late payers. According to a survey by the magazine "Der Spiegel" at 22 main customs offices in Germany, over 150,000 insured persons did not pay their additional contributions in the last half of 2011. For some time now, the health insurance funds have started to collect the missing additional contributions through customs. If you want to avoid seizures of wages, you should therefore pay the missing amounts as quickly as possible.

Only a few health insurance companies require additional contributions from the insured. However, many insured people refuse to pay the additional costs for various reasons. This is because the additional amounts are not automatically deducted from the payslip, but usually have to be transferred extra each month. According to the health insurance companies, a good 150,000 insured did not pay their premiums in the first half of the year. With an average additional contribution of eight euros, this is around 1.2 million euros per month that is missing from the statutory health insurance funds.

In order to collect the missing amounts, main customs offices tried to collect the funds by means of garnishments or pensions. The magazine “Der Spiegel” read that in many cases it was sufficient to inform the debtor by means of warning letters. With the help of the customs officers, the health insurance companies avoid the enormous administrative expenses caused by the dunning process. Only 11 out of 150 health insurance companies currently charge an additional contribution. However, the number of insured persons affected is likely to increase rapidly in the next few years. The Federal Ministry of Health also anticipates that billions in social compensation will be available especially for low-wage earners. This is currently not being used because only the average additional contribution from all health insurance companies applies. And that is currently zero euros. (sb)

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