Naturopathy: Treat headaches sustainably

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Treating headaches in children sustainably

Headache in children can be treated sustainably with traditional Chinese medicine. "Mom, my head hurts!" - many mothers know this exclamation, because it is not uncommon for headaches to appear in childhood. Whether too much stress in leisure time and school or a tense neck muscles, there are a variety of possible reasons for children's headaches. In the meantime, four percent of schoolchildren even suffer from recurring migraine attacks, whereby taking medication usually only relieves pain for a short time and harbors the risk of insidious drug addiction. Treatment with Chinese medicine offers a sustainable way out of life with a headache.

"Experiences have shown that medications alleviate the acute attack, but increase the frequency of attacks - even in children," explains Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert and head of the clinic at the Steigerwald. That's why Chinese medicine takes a different path. Unhealed colds, too much stress or digestive problems are often in the background of migraine development. The experts rely on Chinese drug therapy for the offspring to help them tackle the causes of the headache. If patients cure these, it is possible to permanently reduce the frequency of attacks and activate self-healing powers. "Chinese medicine stands for individually tailored therapies and a holistic perspective," says Dr. Schmincke. Massages, healthy eating and sometimes acupuncture support healing processes. Chinese medicine thus enables headaches to be banished from children's rooms in the long term. (pm)

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