Cold summer with health benefits

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Bad health better than heat waves from a health point of view?

The currently bad summer weather is sometimes beneficial for health. The complaints of persistent heat waves in recent years are likely to be largely absent this year.

While most Germans are currently complaining about the rainy summer, experts refer to the health benefits of the cooler weather conditions. Although lighter health complaints can be favored due to the changeable weather, serious consequences such as increased deaths due to heat waves are not to be feared in view of the current weather, medical meteorologist Christina Koppe from the German Weather Service told “Welt Online”.

Health complaints due to changeable weather According to a survey by the Institute for Demoscopy Allensbach and the Institute for Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Munich, the extremely changeable weather conditions cause health problems for around 50 percent of Germans. However, the impairments mentioned are relatively small compared to the consequences of corresponding heat waves and not all people are affected by the change from sun, wind, rain and temperatures equally, the Freiburg medical meteorologist told “Welt Online”. There are also no extreme health consequences “like increased deaths due to heat waves,” continues Koppe. As a result of the current summer weather, the expert named, for example, growing complaints after a sudden rise in temperature in people with more frequent headaches, migraines or thromboses. Furthermore, patients with high blood pressure often have significant difficulties with sudden temperature drops, Koppe explained.

Health-impaired people susceptible to weather fluctuations Overall, however, according to the medical meteorologist, the weather is only a trigger for serious health problems in people with health-related weaknesses. The weakened body often reacts particularly sensitively, but the weather itself does not make people ill, emphasized Koppe. In addition, most people cope with the current weather better than the extreme heat waves of previous years. And given the climate change, the medical meteorologist expects cooler, healthier summers to remain an exception in the future. Rather, the expert anticipates significantly warmer summers, which can become a serious burden, especially for older and sick people. According to Koppe, a remedy could be a fundamental adaptation of the lifestyle, for example with longer breaks at lunchtime. The medical meteorologist explained that structural measures such as the cold and heat insulation of houses should also be mentioned in this context.

Impending health complaints in hot summers Last summer, the possible health impairments at extreme temperatures were also made alarming by the failure of the air conditioning in some ICE trains of the Deutsche Bahn. Numerous passengers suffered from severe circulatory problems, collapsed or received a heat shock. In addition, the risk of dehydration (lack of liquid) at temperatures of well over 40 degrees Celsius in the wagons should not be underestimated. In the end, most of the passengers left the trains completely exhausted, and it was not uncommon for the passengers to be treated by emergency services. Children and older passengers were primarily affected. Comparable scenes are not to be expected this year in view of the mostly rainy, changeable weather, and so experts like the medical meteorologist Christina Koppe from the German Weather Service can also gain something good from the mixed summer. (fp)

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