Weight loss tricks more successful than diets

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Lose weight: tricks more promising than diets?

US consumer psychologists presented a study at the American Psychological Society's annual meeting in Washington that some simple tricks can help you lose weight more than extensive diets. The main thing is "to outsmart yourself and to change old living and eating habits". You can no longer rely on the stomach in the rich surplus countries.

As part of his study, Brian Wansink from Cornell University in Ithaca investigated various psychological effects that significantly affect calorie intake when eating. A key conclusion of the US researcher: You cannot rely on the signals of the stomach and when losing weight, it is easier to outwit yourself with a few tricks than to follow a comprehensive diet.

Losing Weight Using Psychological Tricks At the annual meeting of the American Psychological Society, the US scientist explained that psychological effects influence food intake far more than most people are aware of. With a few simple tricks, however, you can outsmart your stomach and make losing weight much easier, emphasized Wansink. These tricks are meant to help "change habits and eat healthier without much thought, rather than just stuffing food into us thoughtlessly," said the consumer scientist. For example, Wansink mentions eating the main meals from a salad plate as possible help with losing weight. Because a smaller plate tends to provide smaller portions with the same feeling of satiety, says the US scientist. For example, according to Wansink, previous studies have shown that children get fewer cereals and breakfast cereal when they are served breakfast from smaller bowls rather than large ones.

Large vessels increase the amount of food and drink A similar effect has been shown in another study, in which 60 study participants were served soup - half from ordinary soup bowls and the other from “bottomless” bowls, which are hidden in the mechanism by a mechanism Refill the bottom of the bowl continuously. The subjects ate around 73 percent more from the prepared bowls than from the normal soup bowls. According to the US researcher, both of the studies mentioned prove that the choice of plates and vessels has a significant influence on the amounts of food. In terms of drinks, Brian Wansink says that the choice of glass has a similar influence on the quantities consumed. Accordingly, a narrow tall glass can help save calories. On the other hand, pot-bellied glasses tempt you to pour more and drink more, whereby the difference between the narrow and pot-bellied vessels could make up around 37 percent, the US scientist explained.

Eat consciously and focus on food intake In addition, changes in eating habits also require those affected to become aware of them. For example, dinner in front of the television should be avoided because television is too distracting from the food, explained Wansink. In addition, meals should be taken at the dining table as this will help focus on eating. In order to reduce the consumption of seductive, but mostly particularly unhealthy, foods, the US scientist also suggests to place the corresponding food in the fridge or on the shelf according to the motto "out of sight". Overall, it is clearly "easier to change the environment than to change the polarity of the brain," according to the conclusion of the US psychologist.

Simple weight loss strategies According to the US researcher, "all these simple weight loss strategies" are more likely to lead to success than will alone. "They can help those affected change their eating habits without making the same demands on the discipline as a comprehensive diet. According to Brian Wansink, the psychological effects of eating also suggest that “you shouldn't listen to your stomach to see whether you are already full. He can lie. "

Obesity is one of the serious risk factors in western industrialized countries. The general rule is that the risks of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, thrombosis and circulatory disorders increase significantly if a person is medium to severely overweight for a longer period of time. Recent studies also indicate that the risk of cancer, among other factors, increases significantly if overweight persists for several years. On the other hand, the risk of illness is reduced if the weight can be reduced sustainably and permanently. If you lose weight, you can also regain the feeling of lightness and flexibility as well as a feeling of wellbeing. In order to reinforce the process of changing lifestyle, naturopathic medicine offers the option of using acupuncture to support the willpower. (fp)

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