Corrosive decalcifiers irritate mucous membranes

Corrosive decalcifiers can harm your health

Chemical descalers are often used in German households to protect equipment from limescale deposits. Although descaling devices makes sense to protect them from destruction and reduce energy consumption, gentle methods using natural means can also be used, as the environmental advisory in Bremen currently reports.

In almost every household there are devices whose fuel rods are covered with limescale. Chemical agents are mostly used to dissolve the lime. All commercially available powdered or liquid decalcifiers work on the principle that organic or inorganic acids combine with the deposits and then remove them. However, almost all decalcifiers contain caustic substances that pollute the environment and endanger health. Other means are "easily volatile" and massively irritate mucous membranes, as the environmental advice in Bremen explained.

Vinegar budget means no alternative
Many consumers use vinegar as a home remedy to protect the environment. In this case, too, caustic acid vapors are generated when the application is hot. Accordingly, vinegar should only be used in cold form as a cleaning agent. However, natural products are available on the market, which were produced on a citric acid or tartaric acid basis. In principle, these are less dangerous for the environment and people. Lemon acidity produces less irritating vapors and is less aggressive. However, any acid attacks the surface and permanently destroys it. For this reason, users should wash their hands thoroughly after the procedure and rinse the surfaces of the devices with cold and clear water. (sb)

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