Electrosmog damages babies in the womb

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Study: electromagnetic fields damage babies in their mother's womb

Electrosmog can cause lasting damage to babies in the womb. This was the result of a long-term study by researchers from the US Kaiser Foundation Research Institute in Oakland, California. The scientists examined mothers and children who were permanently exposed to a low-frequency electromagnetic field. The researchers found that infants have a three-fold increased risk of asthma in later life.

Low-frequency electrosmog damages infants
Even low-frequency electrosmog can cause lasting damage to children in the mother's tummy. A study by US scientists found that children who were exposed to high doses of electrosmog in their womb may suffer from chronic respiratory asthma later in life. The risk of acquiring asthma was 3.5 times higher among those affected. For the long-term study, several hundred women were identified in the 1990s who were exposed to electrical radiation every day during pregnancy due to their living situation. To measure the radiation exposure, the test subjects carried a measuring device with them that recorded magnetic fields in the low-frequency range for 24 hours. Low-frequency electromagnetic rays are, for example, radiation from power lines or microwaves. High-frequency magnetic fields are caused by cell phones or wireless local internet networks (WLAN). The last mentioned radiation exposure was not registered by the measuring device.

Higher risk of asthma
In the second phase of the series of experiments, the children were accompanied until they were 14 years old. During this time, the children were examined again and again and their medical history noted. What was striking in the evaluations was that there was a higher susceptibility to asthma if mothers were exposed to high, low-frequency radiation during pregnancy. In contrast, asthma developments in children of mothers with lower radiation doses were three times lower. In this context, other strongly influencing factors such as genetic disposition, age of the child's mother during pregnancy, regular household income, allergies or cigarette consumption by the parents were also included in the risk assessment.

The results in the overview
Compared to children whose mothers were exposed to a low MF level (median 24-hour MF level, ≤ 0.3 mg) during pregnancy, children whose mothers had a high MF level (> 2.0 mg ) were exposed to more than a 3.5-fold increased risk of asthma (AHR, 3.52, 95% CI, 1.68-7.35). Children whose mothers had a medium MF level load (> 0.3-2.0 mg) had a 74 percent increased rate of asthma diseases (AHR, 1.74, 95% CI, 0.93-3, 25). A statistically significant interaction between the MF effect and a maternal asthma previous illness as well as the order of births (firstborn) could also be observed.

Further studies necessary
The results would now have to be checked by subsequent evidence-based studies. However, the study leader De-Kun Li is certain that the study has at least one important message: "Exposure to electromagnetic fields is not good". The negative effects on children's health would have to be taken into account more in the future, according to the researchers. Why the risk of asthma was significantly higher is still unknown. Further study papers must follow this question. The results were published in the science magazine "Archives of Pediatrics Adolescent Medicine".

Electrification with health effects
The electrification of public and private space has been increasing continuously for 20 years. For a long time, a connection between health and radiation exposure has been discussed among scientists, medical practitioners and alternative practitioners. Electrosensitive people keep reporting headaches, increases in blood pressure or migraine attacks. As a trigger electromagnetic radiation in the radio and microwave range are held responsible. To date, it is not known exactly what electrical and magnetic currents cause in the body. However, influences on protein synthesis, stress effects on the hormone system and disorders of the cell membranes have been discussed for a good 20 years. For example, some epidemiological studies indicate an increased risk of leukemia in the vicinity of electricity pylons and lines. People with electrical professions are also at an increased risk of cancer. (sb)

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