Trial against gynecologists opened

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Negligent action caused infertility in the patients

The case against a gynecologist was opened today at the Munich district court who wrongly advised women who wanted to have children and thus caused their infertility. The accused medical doctor is accused of negligent bodily harm in five cases. He had unnecessarily removed tissue from the ovaries of the women during an operation and scraped the uterus. As a result of the procedure, the women who were being treated for their unfulfilled desire to have children became permanently sterile and showed the typical symptoms of menopause at the age of mid-twenties.

According to the allegations of the public prosecutor, the doctor, who in addition to his gynecological practice also used the outpatient operation center of a private clinic in Munich to perform a total of five medically unnecessary procedures on patients between May 2005 and December 2006, is responsible for negligent bodily harm. The doctor had recommended abdominal mirroring and cyst removal to women who wanted to have children, but also took the opportunity to scrape the uterus and remove tissue from the ovaries. Following the operations, the patients complained of considerable health impairments and were all sterile.

Infertile patients after unnecessary interventions The 70-year-old doctor violated all the rules of medical art when he also removed tissue from the ovaries during the procedure and wiped out the uterus, according to the indictment before the Munich District Court. The doctor is therefore accused of negligent bodily harm in five cases. The physician claimed to have taken the tissue in order to have the samples subsequently examined in the laboratory. But according to the prosecutor, this procedure is neither diagnostically nor therapeutically useful. The effect was even counterproductive, since the ovaries were so injured during the tissue removal that there was a complete loss of function and the women became permanently sterile. In addition, the damage to the ovaries in all patients resulted in a clearly premature onset of menopause (menopause) with the typical symptoms such as hot flashes and sleep disorders. At the time, those affected were only 25 or 26 years old. An age at which no woman usually thinks about menopause.

Forget gauze swabs in the lower abdomen However, the allegations in the direction of the doctor go even further: The doctor is said to have forgotten gauze swabs in the lower abdomen of the patients after two procedures, which caused them to suffer from considerable pain, nausea, dizziness and anxiety for several days. Those affected also had to struggle with considerable weight loss. All in all, the doctor acted extremely negligent, which can be seen as a gross breach of duty, according to the prosecutor's office. Whether the allegations against the doctor will also be confirmed in court will have to be clarified in the coming trial days of the trial at the Munich district court. (fp)

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