Natuma naturopathic practice Andreas Domes

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Natuma is your practice for naturopathy and health prevention. We offer you a diverse treatment program from acupuncture and pain treatment to autologous blood therapy and immune system development. You can also experience and / or learn relaxing massages, classic massages and just as many other relaxation and breathing techniques with us. Aromatherapy complements your wellbeing well. We would be happy to help you choose the phytotherapeutics (medicinal plants) and Schuessler salts (biochemistry) that are suitable for you. Homeopathy and complex remedy homeopathy can also be performed as infusions. This also applies to vitamins and minerals (orthomolecular medicine). Physical therapy and physiotherapy on prescription is possible and can be supplemented by manual therapies and chiropractic. Ask about our wide range of spine treatments. Practice focuses on preventive health care, allergy treatment, treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and pain treatment.

Natuma naturopathic practice Andreas Domes
Rainbow 30
68305 Mannheim
Tel: 0621-7482468
Mail: [email protected]

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