Hamburg: Renate Ziegler naturopathic practice

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Practice focus: Naturopathic and psychological kinesiology (muscle test procedure) for diagnosis and finding a cure for body and soul: Meridian tapping techniques to solve anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive illnesses, psychosomatic ailments, allergies. Kinesiological-classical homeopathy, biochemistry according to Dr. Schüssler, testing of nutrient deficits, Sanum therapy (isopathy), Bach flowers, sun lighteners according to Jakob Lorber. Accompanying therapeutic fasting cures, detoxification and detoxification therapy, individually tested nutritional advice. Kinesiological coaching for fulfilled and lasting partnership. So that everything really changes with the next partner - or with the current partner. Assistance in crisis situations, also by phone. The body is not lying and shows the way to healing. You have to go by yourself. I am happy to help you. For over 20 years.

Hamburg: Renate Ziegler naturopathic practice
Rahlstedter Straße 180, - Rahlstedt
Hamburg-Rahlstedt / 22143
Tel: 040-6054248
Mail: [email protected]

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