Back pain from satchels

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Every year before the start of the new school year, parents of first graders face the same questions: Which is the right schoolbag for my child? What do I need to pay attention to when purchasing? But even more important than an ergonomic back surface, low weight and padded shoulder straps is the correct handling of luggage in everyday life. This is the only way to avoid muscle tension, postural damage and, in the long term, even pathological, very painful changes in the spine with corresponding chronic back pain.

"Responsible parents therefore pack their satchels together with their offspring every evening and limit themselves to booklets and books that are really needed the next day," advises Dr. Frank John from orthonet-NRW - an association of established orthopedic surgeons in North Rhine-Westphalia. “The lighter the knapsack, the less strain it puts on the spine. Rule of thumb: Children should never carry more than ten percent of their body weight on their backs, because bones and connective tissue are still growing and do not have the stability of an adult spine. ”Toys or other superfluous ballast is therefore best left at home. Weight can even be saved with lunch boxes and drinking bottles. Particular attention is also paid to the distribution of the loads. Everything heavy belongs on the back, lighter objects in the front pocket area. In addition, parents should make sure that the child does not carry his school bag over one shoulder and regularly check the length of the risers. The top edge of the satchel forms a line with the shoulder height at best. If you pay attention to such supposed little things in everyday life and practice these behaviors again and again with the little ones, you can effectively prevent many painful complaints in advanced age.

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