Dangerous caffeine powder at Berlin kiosks

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Caffeine powder can cause significant side effects

According to media reports, a new kind of stimulant is available at the kiosks in Berlin, which in theory could also be purchased by children. Doctors warn of the potentially health-threatening caffeine powder that is currently sold under the name "Coffaina stay-awake" at several Berlin kiosks, reports "Welt Online".

According to Coffaina, the white powder contains 120 milligrams of pure caffeine, which, as the name of the product promises, should keep consumers awake for longer. However, due to possible side effects, caution is advised when using the caffeine powder, warn medical doctors.

Dangerous caffeine powder freely available at kiosks Similar to the stimulating drinks known under the name "Red Bull", caffeine powder is freely available and theoretically available from children at Berlin kiosks, so one of the main criticisms of the new stimulant. Although the kiosk operators, as also noted on the back of the packaging of the caffeine powder, are encouraged not to sell the “caffaina stay-awake” to children, the disclosure to minors is not generally prohibited. It can be doubted whether the warning information on the Facebook page is always complied with. The mixture of 120 milligrams of pure caffeine and a good dose of sugar, according to the manufacturer, is said to have a similar effect to the well-known energy drinks and thus to give the party people of Berlin increased stamina at night. For this purpose, consumers should mix the caffeine powder into a drink, although caffeinated drinks are not suitable for this, according to the manufacturer. Coffaina also expressly warns of an overdose.

Doctors warn of the health risks of caffeine powder This warning is reinforced by the senior physician of pediatrics at the Berlin Charité, Stephan Henning. As the expert told Welt Online, a dose of around seven milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight can lead to side effects such as nervousness, sleep disorders and sweating. At even higher doses, this could lead to even more severe effects, such as "faster heartbeat and irregular heartbeat," warned Stephan Henning. According to the expert, similar serious side effects are to be feared even in adults, although these only occur at much higher doses. If an overdose is suspected, a doctor should be consulted urgently to avoid serious health problems, warned the doctor. (fp)

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