Bad breath due to inflamed tonsils

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Bad breath? Sometimes almonds are to blame

Around one in four suffers from bad breath. Particularly treacherous: those affected do not usually recognize their bad breath themselves. If you then have no confidant in your area who gives a well-meaning tip, it is difficult. With a trick everyone can test for themselves whether they have bad breath. Run your tongue over the unscented back of your hand and wait a few seconds. Any bad breath can then smell on the back of the hand. If there is permanent bad breath, patients should not treat themselves for long with chewing gum & Co., but should see an ENT doctor, as the HNOnet-NRW, an association of resident ear, nose and throat doctors, points out.

Whether mouth spray, chewing gum or mouthwash - such products usually only work for a short time. Bacteria are almost always the culprit for bad breath. If they are called Karius & Baktus, the dentist is the first point of contact. But ENT specialists also know many diseases of the mouth and throat that lead to bad breath. For example, sinus infections sometimes cause bad-smelling breath. “Bad breath is also often caused by chronically inflamed tonsils. This secretes a secretion that can be recognized as so-called detritus as white specks on the tonsils, ”explains Dr. Uso Walter, practicing ENT doctor and chairman of the HNOnet NRW. If bad breath does not go away even after gargling frequently with chamomile tea or mouthwash solutions, see an ENT doctor. (pm)

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