Power failure in all of Hanover

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Complete power failure in Hanover

A gigantic blackout occurred in Hanover and in parts of the surrounding area, which affected and paralyzed the entire city. At around 10.30 p.m., the lights went out throughout the city. Even the street lights and traffic lights failed. According to eyewitness reports, the power supply in the clinics and fire departments was briefly interrupted. In the meantime, the entire cell phone network collapsed, radio and television programs could no longer be received. At 11:03 p.m., residents in Hanover-Mitte reported that the electricity was temporarily working again. Only a few streets away, the electricity is still out.

So far, the cause of the complete failure is unknown. It is unusual for the power failure to occur in the late evening at low consumption. Overload is therefore a possible cause. The police and fire departments are currently in non-stop use. Sirens and blue lights can be seen from everywhere. We will continue to report as soon as further details are known.

Update 23:38: The electricity is working again in most parts of the city. According to a spokesman for Stadtwerke Hannover, the reason was a defect in the power supply from the Mehrum power station of the energy supplier, which is located in the district of Peine.

Update 00:37: An error in the power transmission from the Mehrum power plant caused the power supply in Hanover to collapse. This has now been officially confirmed. The fire brigades in Hanover had to free numerous people from stuck elevators that no longer worked due to the power failure. A fire broke out briefly in the MHH due to a defective lamp. Humans have not been harmed.

Update: 00:40: About 70 percent of the city area is supplied with electricity again. In the meantime, electricity from other networks has been returned to Hanover, so that gradually all parts of the city can be supplied again. According to a spokesman, it is still unclear when the whole of Hanover and the surrounding area can be supplied again.

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