Risk of gout from fasting and diuretic diets

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Risk of gout from fasting and diuretic diets

Fasting and dieting with diuretics increases the risk of gout. The professional association of German rheumatologists therefore warned against uncontrolled fasting and the additional intake of diuretics.

Fasting and dieting are enjoying growing popularity, not least because of the widespread desire to lose weight. Often, those affected tend to uncontrolled fasting or dieting with so-called diuretics in order to achieve faster effects when losing weight. But this increases the risk of gout massively, warned the professional association of German rheumatologists in a current press release.

In particular, the use of so-called diuretics, which are intended to accelerate the flushing of water out of the human body in order to enable faster weight loss, should be considered with concern by the professional association of German rheumatologists. This changes the solubility of uric acid, with an increase in uric acid concentration being a possible consequence. In addition, the accompanying fasting breaks down the protein stores, which further increases the uric acid level, the experts report. According to the professional association of German Rheumatologists, all of the above factors promote the occurrence of a gout attack. Therefore, the experts strongly advise against uncontrolled fasting and the use of diuretics and instead recommend slowly reducing excess weight, i.e. H. at most two to three kilos per month. However, according to the experts, the initial weight of those willing to lose weight must always be taken into account.

As a so-called purine metabolic disease, gout (uricopathy) is a disease that progresses in episodes and can cause considerable pain and severe inflammation due to deposits of uric acid crystals (urate) in the tissues and joints. In the long term, there is also the risk of kidney damage, which in the worst case can result in kidney failure (kidney failure). Acute gout attacks are manifested by severe pain, extreme sensitivity to touch, redness, swelling and overheating of the joints. The joints of the big toes are affected relatively often, but the leg joints are also the starting point for gout attacks, the experts from the professional association of German rheumatologists explained. While gout is usually a typical male disease, younger women are more often affected by uncontrolled fasting and the use of diuretics for faster weight loss. Therefore, the gout risk should not be neglected in the desire to lose weight, warn the experts of the Professional Association of German Rheumatologists. (fp)

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