Cherry juice prevents sore muscles

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Cherries reduce the risk of sore muscles

Cherries not only taste very good, they are also very healthy. According to popular belief, cherries are rich in valuable minerals, vitamin C, potassium and protect against excessive muscle soreness after an intensive sports program, as scientists from the University of Michigan have recently found out.

Cherries in naturopathy In naturopathy, red cherries are considered to lower uric acid and thus prevent gout. In addition, cherries are anti-inflammatory, prevent cardiovascular diseases due to the high potassium content and inhibit the development of cancer cells. Researchers at the University of Michigan have taken a closer look at the natural all-rounders. During a study, the scientists discovered that cherries inhibit muscle soreness and strengthen physical fitness.

Cherry juice reduces muscle soreness During the course of the study, the participants were divided into two groups of equal size. Half of the subjects received a glass of freshly squeezed cherry juice to drink before each sports session. The other half of the subjects served as a comparison group and received a drink without active ingredient. The result astonished even the researchers. The participants who drank cherry juice did not suffer from muscle soreness after the sports training or only rarely. The other participants showed symptoms of muscle soreness in different forms depending on their condition.

Muscle soreness due to small inflammations A while ago, it was believed that muscle soreness was caused by lactic acid overacidification of the muscle. This therapy is considered refuted today. Rather, for example, small tears in the Z-disks in the muscle tissue result from overloading the muscle areas. The inflammation caused by the mini cracks in turn leads to the penetration of water and the swelling of the muscles. This leads to the known pain. The researchers assume that the polyphenols in the cherries intercept the free radicals that arise when the body is under high stress. The substances of the cherries have an anti-inflammatory effect on the small muscle tears.

Cherries help build muscle Most of these phytochemicals are found in sour cherries. They contain twice as many polyphenols as sweet cherries. The most positive plant substances are contained in the morello cherries and in the "Stevnsbear Brigitte" variety. The latter is quite unknown in Germany, but is very popular in Denmark. The researchers observed that the darker the cherries, the more polyphenols they contained.

Cherries not only reduce the development of sore muscles but also support muscle building. Cherries prevent fine muscle fiber tears and reduce the storage of fat. While cherry juice drinkers only lost about four percent of their muscular strength after the sports sessions, it is an average of about 22 percent if no cherry juice was consumed. If you want to increase your training effect positively and healthily, you should drink a glass of cherry juice before each training session. Cherries should always be eaten ripe and fresh. (sb)

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