Almost 39,000 City-BKK insured persons without health insurance

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Almost 39,000 City-BKK insured persons without health insurance

As of July 1, 2011, almost 39,000 people will be without health insurance. The reason for this is the closure of City BKK at the beginning of the following month. The health insurance company must close on the instructions of the Federal Insurance Office because the financial situation would no longer justify continued existence. For the insured, this announcement means looking for a new fund. Apparently almost 49,000 of the former 168,000 City BKK members are without insurance.

Transitional solution should ensure insurance protection In the coming weeks, however, a so-called "transitional regulation" should be in place to ensure insurance protection, the Federal Association of Health Insurance Companies emphasized. At the same time, the umbrella association of health insurers called on the insured to look for a new health insurance as quickly as possible. By the end of September, regulations had been put in place to insure the insured sufficiently despite the end of the health insurance scheme, emphasized Doris Pfeiffer, chair of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Schemes. Until then, all doctors, clinics and pharmacists are guaranteed that the health services provided will be paid for. Anyone who goes to the doctor as a person affected should also present their health insurance card after the City BKK has closed. With the card, insured persons could prove that they are still entitled to the statutory health insurance benefits catalog.

Right to vote only for a short time If you have not yet looked for a till, you have until July 14 to take care of yourself. If you let this time pass, you no longer have the right to vote. Then employers or pension insurers have to take action and find a new fund. "Everyone should use their right to vote," Pfeiffer appealed. As a legally insured person, you could choose a health insurance fund that, for example, makes no additional contribution or offers naturopathy. (Sb)

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