City BKK employees take legal action against dismissals

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City BKK employees take legal action against dismissals

The City BKK health insolvency insurance company will close at the beginning of the coming month. According to media reports, employees who have been dismissed have filed a lawsuit against the dismissals. According to the Berlin District Court, over 250 lawsuits have so far been filed by City BKK employees. The employees do not want to accept their dismissal without a fight, it said from employee representative circles. It is still unclear whether processes actually occur in all cases. Negotiations on amicable agreements between employer and employee have already been initiated in numerous proceedings. It is uncertain whether an agreement can also be reached. No quality agreements have been reached so far.

A sample procedure could be targeted so that not every case is negotiated individually. Numerous complaining employees are represented by the same lawyers or legal representatives. If a model case could be conducted, the outcome of the lawsuit could be transferred to the other plaintiffs. To date, it is still uncertain whether such a model procedure can be pursued.

Before the closure, 168,000 people were insured with the health insurance fund. The majority of former customers have found a new health insurance company. According to the City BKK, however, 30,000 people are still without a new fund. To do this, you want to write directly to the insured to help you find a new health insurance company. In Berlin alone, the bankruptcy of City BKK hit around 80,000 people. The branches and headquarters in Stuttgart will be closed on July 1st. 400 employees are also affected by the closure. (sb)

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