Practice for classical homeopathy Baumgartner

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Practice for classical homeopathy + hypnosis Baumgartner

Practice focus: Classic homeopathy for all ages from babies to the elderly is the focus of our naturopathic practice in Erlangen. Above all, the treatment of chronic diseases, in addition to conventional medical therapy, is our concern. We also offer you: - Hypnosis / medical healing hypnosis supportive for physical / mental concerns as well as for weight loss. -EFT -Bioresonance therapy BICOM -EMO- energetic spine treatment for pain and discomfort of the musculoskeletal system.

Practice for classical homeopathy + hypnosis Baumgartner
adressederpraxis: Mansfeldstr. 5a
91056 ER
Tel: 09131/791651
Mail: [email protected]

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