Don't waste pension surpluses

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Buntenbach: Do not carelessly waste excess pensions

"The current financial surpluses of the statutory pension insurance are gratifying, but should not be wasted lightly. We are calling on the coalition to use the new scope to fight the rising poverty of old age in the future, ”said Annelie Buntenbach, DGB board member, in Hanover on Tuesday.

According to the current economic forecasts by the federal government, a significant reduction in the pension insurance contribution in 2013 seems to be purely mathematically possible. According to the current legal situation, the contribution rate to the statutory pension insurance will be reduced if the sustainability reserve is expected to exceed the upper limit of 1.5 monthly expenses.

"Relief from contributions for employees would be gratifying, but must not endanger the efforts in the fight against the rapidly increasing poverty of old age in the future," said Annelie Buntenbach. "It is high time to significantly improve pension benefits, especially for the millions of low-paid and disabled people, and to stop retirement at 67."

"If the positive forecasts actually come true, the coalition should also take the opportunity to save the employee's pension at 67 and the associated pension cuts by foregoing at least part of the contribution reduction," said the DGB board member According to official figures, the contribution rate effect of the pension at 67 will only be 0.5 percent in 2030 - the federal government forecasts that the contribution reduction would be 0.7 percent (19.2 percent in 2013).

Buntenbach emphasized that, on the other hand, it would not be understandable if the coalition lowered the pension contribution excessively and held on to the pension at 67, because this was to avoid a later increase in contributions. The relief from a reduction in the amount of 0.5 percent would be around six euros for average earners with a gross monthly income of around 2,500 euros. "However, such short-term relief is out of proportion to the pension cuts, such as through the pension at 67, which is up to 14.4 percent, ”says Buntenbach. (pm)

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