Naturopathy effectively relieves pain

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Traditional Chinese medicine reduces medication use for joint pain

Pain in hands, feet and when walking, agony when combing, washing and getting dressed - 25 million people in Germany suffer from painful joint diseases. The causes are different: If inflammation is in the foreground, doctors speak of rheumatism in the narrower sense. A disturbed cartilage metabolism or wear leads to no less painful arthrosis. Treatment is often limited to maintaining joint mobility through physiotherapy or drug pain relief. The latter has dangerous side effects, especially when used for many years. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) often provides those affected with long-term improvement and also reduces medication consumption and side effects.

“The core component of TCM is Chinese drug therapy. After a precise diagnosis, we put together Chinese raw medicines individually, ”explains Dr. Christian Schmincke, general practitioner and head of the TCM clinic at the Steigerwald. "It is important to adapt Chinese therapy methods to the needs of Western patients," said the medical specialist specializing in TCM. Plant components such as bark, roots or flowers promise a high potential for effectiveness. They awaken self-healing powers and control them in a targeted manner. Even the diagnosis of TCM is completely different than in conventional medicine. For TCM, the sick joint is the result of a disturbed balance in the whole person. That is why TCM experts take a lot of time for the patient's medical history. With the help of Chinese diagnostics, they can identify causes of illness that conventional medicine does not take into account. Pulse and tongue diagnosis helps to receive the finest body signals. The expert distinguishes around 30 pulse qualities in pulse diagnostics alone. He also recognizes on the tongue whether and how the body frees itself from "internal waste".

Depending on the patient's complaints, acupuncture and the gentle body therapy of Qi Gong are available as therapy options. They harmonize the flow of energy in the body. Moxibustion - warming important energy points with mugwort - also ensures that the disease can heal gradually. Documented results speak a clear language: Over 70 percent of patients with joint pain experience a significant improvement after treatment with Chinese medicine and can cope with their everyday life on their own - without a permanent medication cocktail. (pm)

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