Numerous pharmacies face bankruptcy

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Numerous pharmacies face bankruptcy

Numerous pharmacies have to close due to financial difficulties, according to a current announcement from the German Pharmacists' Association (DAV). Fifty-two pharmacies had already stopped operating in the first quarter of 2011, the DAV continued. While the statutory health insurance companies will probably end up with a billion surplus this year, not least because of the savings measures in the area of ​​pharmaceutical expenditure, this is largely at the expense of the pharmacies, according to the DAV's criticism.

The German pharmacists 'association warned in a recent announcement that the pharmacies' existence was threatened by the falling earnings and the associated poorer operating results. The pharmacies were the victims of the austerity measures in drug spending decided at the end of last year as part of the health reform, the DAV said. The falling expenditure of health insurance companies for the supply of pharmaceuticals is largely due to the increased mandatory discount that pharmacies have to pay in favor of statutory health insurance (GKV). The chairman of the DAV, Fritz Becker, therefore asked "to immediately reduce the mandatory discount to the old level of EUR 1.75."

Pharmacies suffer from health care reform
Not only the falling gross yields and the compulsory levies cause considerable financial bottlenecks at numerous pharmacies, but also the slumping sales in self-medication and the additional burdens caused by the new drug discount contracts have far-reaching consequences that threaten the very existence, explained the chairman of the DAV. In addition, the pharmaceutical wholesalers would pass on the savings contribution they had to make on pharmaceutical expenditure to the pharmacies one-to-one, the pharmacists' association criticized. Overall, according to the DAV chairman, the pharmacies are negatively affected by the health reform measures in many ways. Fritz Becker explained that this often results in considerable financial difficulties, which caused a sharp increase in pharmacy closures. While the statutory health insurance companies "again spend significantly more on their administration, the supply of pharmaceuticals is stalled by the pharmacy", said the DAV chairman in the direction of politics. Becker added: "We therefore require the legislator to immediately reduce the mandatory discount to the old level of EUR 1.75." (Fp)

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