Daniel Bahr refuses to reduce the cash contributions

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Federal Minister of Health Daniel Bahr against reduction in health insurance contributions

The contributions to the statutory health insurance fund could be reduced due to the significantly improved income situation in the health fund, but the Federal Minister of Health Daniel Bahr (FDP) apparently has other ideas. Instead of using the surplus to lower the contribution rates, the additional income should remain in the health fund as a reserve for worse times. The CSU, on the other hand, promised to reduce contributions at least in the medium term.

Thanks to the improved overall economic situation, the health fund currently shows a not inconsiderable surplus in revenues. Despite total expenditure of around 180 billion euros, a slight buffer could be built up, the Federal Minister of Health told the Rheinische Post. However, the additional income should not be used to reduce contributions, but should remain in the health fund as a reserve for worse times, according to the plans of Daniel Bahr (FDP). The additional financial contributions of the health fund could possibly be avoided in the coming year if additional additional contributions were collected.

No reduction in premiums due to surplus in the health fund While numerous health insurance companies are currently facing significant financial difficulties according to media reports and around 20 statutory health insurances are at risk of additional contributions or the reduction of benefits, the general situation of the health fund currently looks much more positive. Due to the good economic development of the past months, a slight financial buffer could be built up that would theoretically be available to lower the contribution rates. However, the Federal Minister of Health spoke in an interview with the "Rheinische Post" against such a reduction in premiums and pointed out that in his opinion it makes no sense "to lower the contribution rate in statutory health insurance minimally, if at all, in order to compensate for the next economic fluctuation to have to lift again immediately ". Daniel Bahr (FDP) added: “We started with a billion deficit in this legislative period. I am glad that we now have a small buffer with a total expenditure of around 180 billion euros. ”

Health insurance contributions could decrease in the medium term The CSU has spoken out in favor of a reduction in contributions if the financial situation of the health fund continues to develop in the coming year. The CSU health expert Johannes Singhammer told the "Financial Times Deutschland" that there should be talk about "relieving the insured" if the economy and thus the income in the health fund should develop comparably well in the coming year. At least in the medium term, this could promise to reduce contributions. However, Johannes Singhammer (CSU) also comes to the conclusion that premium adjustments would initially make little sense, as the health fund's reserves forecast for the end of the year are not yet sufficient for a sustainable reduction. However, the question arises as to what amount the surplus in the health fund would have to be for the black-yellow government coalition to actually bring about a reduction in contributions. In the past, both the CSU and the FDP have always advocated a reduction in burdens on both the employee and the employer side, but the government parties apparently do not want to use the scope that is now available.

Additional contributions could be avoided thanks to surplus income In addition to the general reduction in contributions, the surplus in the health fund could theoretically also be used to help particularly stricken health insurance companies and thus avoid further collection of additional contributions from insurance companies. For this, however, not only would the health fund's allocation modalities have to be revised, but the government coalition would also have to move away from its previous point of sand compared to the additional contributions. The FDP in particular, but also the CDU and CSU, see the additional contributions as an efficient tool for strengthening competition among health insurers. The fact that the collection of additional contributions often triggers a kind of vicious circle, which in the worst case can lead to the insolvency of the health insurance company, as is currently the case with City BKK, is regularly ignored or simply accepted.

Additional contributions often cause further financial problems. According to media reports, numerous ailing health insurance companies are currently looking for a financially strong merger partner in order to avoid collecting additional contributions. Until now, the collection of additional contributions from the health insurance companies concerned has always caused considerable membership losses and a restructuring of the insured structure. Young, healthy members in particular left the health insurances, leaving a disproportionately large number of old, health-impaired insureds. However, these often cause more costs than the health insurance companies earn through the corresponding contributions, so that even higher additional contributions may be due, which could result in a further loss of membership. In the end, the health insurance companies risk slipping into a financial imbalance from which they can hardly get free without outside help. (fp)

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