Action plan for the disabled falls short

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Action plan for people with disabilities falls short: Social Association VdK: "4000 jobs are not enough for 180,000 unemployed"

The president of the VdK Germany social association, Ulrike Mascher, described the "National Action Plan for the Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities", which was adopted today in the cabinet, as "too non-binding".

The plan contains no legal guarantees and therefore threatens to atrophy to a well-intentioned declaration of intent, criticized Mascher. "As long as the majority of the 9.6 million people with disabilities in Germany have difficulties getting into offices, doctor's offices, cinemas and theaters without problems or using public transport without obstacles, the goal of an equal participation in everyday life for this large population group is far from being achieved, "said the VdK President.

"As a drop in the ocean" Mascher described the Federal Government's goal of creating 4,000 new age-appropriate jobs for severely disabled people over 50 years of age. In view of the fact that more than 180,000 unemployed people with severe disabilities and an increasing number of unemployed people compared to the previous year, the initiative of the Federal Minister of Labor was "far from sufficient" to significantly increase the employment opportunities of those affected. (Michael Pausder)

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