Bird flu in the district of Gütersloh again

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Bird flu evidence again in the district of Gütersloh

In the district of Gütersloh Westerwiehe (East Westphalia), a slight form of H7 bird flu has broken out. The district administration already started on Sunday to let the animal populations be killed in large numbers.

In the Gütersloh district of North Rhine-Westphalia, the mild form of bird flu influenza "Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza (LPAI)" has broken out in animal populations. On behalf of the authorities, farms started killing around 4,200 birds last Sunday, including so-called farm animals such as geese, chickens and ducks. The district administration Gütersloh announced in a announcement. A new restricted area did not have to be built because the large-mast operation is located within the existing restricted area in Westerwiehe. Dr. Bernhard Beneke, head of the veterinary and food monitoring department of the district of Gütersloh hopes that it will "be the last company" in which the flu virus was found. In order to receive a final assessment, however, all laboratory results would first have to be available. In order to prevent further spread, the authorities have ordered stock killings, restricted areas and standstill orders. So far, 60 to 70,000 animals have been culled. The experts estimate that around 3.5 million animals live in around 2100 stables in the wider area. So far, mass killings have had to be carried out in six farms.

Only a few days ago, measures to combat bird flu were relaxed. Another infection was found in a company in Westerwiehe on Saturday. The health and agricultural authorities have been taking action against the influenza virus for about ten days.

In the past, LPAI viruses had mutated into a more dangerous HPAI pathogen in numerous cases. Animals infected with the named virus are generally not considered to be dangerous to humans. So far, diseases after eating infected animals have not been identified. Accordingly, there is no acute health risk for humans. (sb)

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