Health insurance companies should show balance sheets

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Health insurance companies should publish balance sheets every three months

Another 22 health insurers may be about to go bankrupt. This was reported by Wirtschaftswoche, referring to an internal report by the umbrella organization of statutory health insurance GKV. Now the black and yellow coalition wants to oblige health insurers to disclose their balance sheets in the future. The Federal Ministry of Health is preparing a draft law for this. The government coalition is said to already have internal discussions on the subject. Above all, the law intends to regain the trust of the insured. When the City BKK failed, numerous insured people had difficulty finding a new health insurance company. Many have already been rejected on the phone. By disclosing the balance sheets, politics should also be able to prepare better in the future.

Law is said to be in place this year
As the Federal Ministry of Health emphasized, the new law should be passed this year. Since the health insurance companies are institutions within the meaning of public law, they only have to disclose a small amount of data. The ministry is considering whether the future publication requirements of the health insurance companies will be aligned with the provisions for corporations. They have to publish their most important business figures on a quarterly basis. This could result in transparency that benefits the legally insured, CDU health expert Jens Spahn told the newspaper. Before changing health insurance companies, interested parties could first research the financial situation of the health insurance fund and then consider joining.

22 more cash registers are on the brink
As further reported by Wirtschaftswoche, 22 other health insurance companies are suspected of being on the verge of bankruptcy. A study by the GKV association came to the conclusion that a total of 23 health insurers face threatening financial difficulties. The evaluation was carried out before the City BKK closed. Shortly afterwards, the till was asked to close by the till. (sb)

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