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City BKK customers looking for insurance: Thoroughly check the selection of the new health insurance

City BKK's insolvency continues to cause unrest. The accommodation of almost 170,000 former City BKK customers continues to be a topic of conversation, both in politics and among statutory health insurers. Until July, the insured of the insolvent City BKK still have time to look for new health insurance. In principle, the statutory health insurance companies are obliged to accept every applicant, but in the past week numerous City BKK customers have complained about the attempts by the health insurance companies to try to get away.

This unworthy way of dealing with City BKK insureds has recently brought up the new Minister of Health Daniel Bahr, who has prompted the health insurers to face sanctions if the health insurers continue to refuse to accept City BKK insured persons. But the bankruptcy of City BKK has brought another aspect back into the focus of the discussion. Experts assume that at the end of the consolidation process in the healthcare system, only around 50 health insurance funds from what are still 150 statutory health insurance companies will remain. City BKK customers should therefore carefully consider which health insurance company they would like to be insured with in the future, so as not to be confronted with closing their health insurance again.

Wave of mergers among health insurers In general, all statutory health insurance companies are obliged to admit the former City BKK members as soon as a corresponding application for admission has been submitted. However, the thorough examination of the future health insurance can certainly pay off for the approximately 168,000 insured at City BKK, since the health insurance companies offer extremely different voluntary additional services, only a few insurance companies have so far made additional contributions and, above all, the relatively small health insurance companies in the course of the forthcoming mergers of one be swallowed by another health insurance company or, in the worst case, how the City BKK could go bankrupt. Therefore, experts warn that the financial situation of the health insurance company should not be neglected when choosing future health insurance. Because especially financially weak insurance companies will face considerable problems in the future. Industry experts assume that at the end of the merger wave, only 50 of the 150 health insurance companies that are still in existence today will exist.

Differentiating feature of additional contribution Today, the differentiated additional contributions are a key differentiating factor of statutory health insurance funds. While 13 health insurers are already charging an additional contribution, the majority of statutory health insurance companies have so far made every effort to avoid collecting additional contributions. According to the health economists, however, this distinguishing feature will probably disappear within the next five to eight years, since then all statutory health insurance companies will probably demand an additional premium of 70 euros on average per month. However, there are clear differences in the amount of the additional contributions collected from the various health insurance companies. So far, the risk of additional contributions has been extremely low, especially with the large health insurance companies. But last week Klaus Brandner, SPD politician and member of the board of directors of the United IKK, told “Welt Online” that “if there is no financial help”, additional contributions will also be inevitable for the United IKK. The United IKK is one of the largest statutory health insurance companies in Germany with 1.6 million insured.

Consider the financial situation of the health insurance companies when making the selection. With the number of members, the likelihood of survival of the health insurance companies increases, industry experts expect that the wave of mergers among statutory health insurance companies will continue for a while. In order not to be confronted with the closure of their health insurance again, City BKK customers should therefore also pay attention to the number of members of the health insurance of their choice and whether an additional contribution has already been charged when taking out new health insurance. Because both factors offer relatively good indications for possible conclusions about the financial strength of the insurance. The currently noticeable uncertainty among those affected when looking for new health insurance cannot be remedied with such advice from health experts. Very few insured are interested in working through the business figures of the companies when choosing the insurance.

Sanctions against cash register heads for attempts to re-enact Many of the former City BKK insured persons have therefore already contacted the offices of their preferred health insurance company in the past few weeks and tried to obtain information in this way. However, the willingness of most health insurance companies to inform former City BKK customers and, if necessary, to take them in was rather insufficient in the first days after the City BKK insolvency became known. According to media reports, older City BKK customers in particular were frequently dismissed by the other statutory health insurance companies. So that such processes do not repeat themselves in the future, the new Minister of Health Daniel Bahr (FDP) has submitted a new draft law, with which the heads of the health insurance companies, who are wiping away customers, can be sanctioned in the future. Because the statutory health insurance companies are generally obliged to accept every applicant. (fp)

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