First verdicts in the disgusting scandal

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First judgments spoken in the disgusting scandal about rotten doner meat
The main accused is waiting for a separate trial after a heart attack

The first judgments were announced in the disgusting scandal surrounding rotten doner kebab. Two of the three defendants each received a suspended sentence. However, the proceedings against the main defendant could not be brought to an end because he suffered a minor heart attack at the weekend and was therefore not negotiable.

The judgments in the disgusting scandal were relatively mild for the two co-accused. For example, the 54-year-old suspect received a two-year suspended sentence for aiding and abetting commercial fraud, and the 70-year-old accomplice was sentenced to one year and three months in prison for helping. They are said to have helped the main defendant to re-label and sell unsuitable meat.

Offenders in the disgusting scandal received suspended sentences The defendants had to answer to the Augsburg district court for the fraud with the disgusting doner meat. The meat, which was not suitable for consumption, was mainly sold to doner kebab producers in Berlin after the re-labeling, all in all 150 tons, according to the public prosecutor. The two co-accused business partners of the main accused meat manufacturer from the Swabian town of Wertingen had made confessions at the start of the trial when the presiding judge offered them probation sentences. They have now received them and they are relatively mild with two years, one year and three months' probation. The main defendant in the disgusting scandal is now being handed a verdict in a separate trial, although his sentence is likely to be significantly more severe than that of the accomplices. However, it is not yet known when the meat manufacturer from the Swabian town of Wertingen will be able to negotiate again after his heart attack at the weekend. (fp)

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