Recall: glass splinters in the Müller rice pudding diet

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Recall: Splinters of glass in the rice pudding diet from Müller

The dairy company Müller is recalling the milk rice from the trade with the name "Müller milk rice diet". Before consumption, it is strongly advised not to have serious health consequences for the consumer.

Return campaign for Müller milk rice diet The dairy manufacturer "Alois Müller GmbH & Co. KG" warns against the consumption of the product "Müller milk rice diet" with the best-before date of May 23, 2011 of the varieties diet milk rice "Pur", "Cinnamon" and "Cherry". The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Agriculture and Consumer Protection announced on an inquiry that the aforementioned Müller milk rice varieties could contain small pieces of glass or glass particles. According to the Ministry in Baden-Württemberg, the endangered milk rice has reached the supermarket trade. The named goods have also reached the shelves in Austria. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, the Spar, Eurospar or Interspar markets should be affected.

Consumption could damage health Consumers should under no circumstances consume goods that have already been purchased, but rather bring the products back to the supermarket. Without sales receipts, the sales price will be refunded without hesitation. All other goods of the dairy are not affected. Since the splinters can pose a health hazard, the authorities expressly warn against the consumption of the product. The company itself initiated a recall on Friday May 13th. Further investigations have to clarify how the glass fragments got into the products.

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