Memorial ceremony planned for Gunter Sachs

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Gunter Sachs to be honored with a large commemoration

After the suicide of Gunter Sachs, who is suffering from Alzheimer's, the relatives are planning a funeral "in the closest family," said the son of the prominent entrepreneur, Rolf Sachs. However, Rolf Sachs announced a larger ceremony at a later date to the news agency "dpa" .

Gunter Sachs committed suicide on May 7 in the face of a self-diagnosed Alzheimer's disease. The deceased wrote in his farewell letter published by the family that he was convinced that he had recognized through the study of extensive publications that he suffered from the “hopeless disease A.” "The loss of mental control over my life would be an undignified state, which I have decided to face up to," said Gunter Sachs, explaining his last step.

Funeral of Gunter Sachs planned in the closest family circle Family and friends of the 78-year-old Gunter Sachs have been hard hit by the suicide of the prominent entrepreneur, artist, photographer and astrology researcher. After the corpse was released following the forensic medical examination, the relatives are now planning a funeral “in the closest family”, explained Rolf Sachs. No further details of the funeral were given by the deceased's son. Rolf Sachs emphasized that the place and time of the funeral will not be published because the funeral is "a purely private matter". However, there will be a public memorial service for his late father at a later date, Rolf Sachs said to the news agency " dpa ".

Friends and family heavily shaken by the death of Gunter Sachs While in the past few years it had become rather quiet about the public person of Gunter Sachs, especially in the 1960s and 70s he was considered an elegant playboy and bon vivant, who, among other things, from 1966 to Was married to French actress Brigitte Bardot in 1969. This was deeply shaken by the 78-year-old's suicide and, according to the Swiss newspaper Blick, suffered a breakdown. "I am so shaken and sad that I can only speak properly after Gunter's funeral," the Swiss newspaper quoted the former film star. "I do that out of great respect, which I have towards the whole Sachs family," said Bardot.

Alzheimer: The hopeless illness That Gunter Sachs has committed suicide in the face of an impending Alzheimer's disease seems relatively incomprehensible to outsiders, since Sachs has so far suffered hardly any symptoms. But experts know that although the initial characteristics of the special dementia disease have only a minor impact, with the progressing course there is a risk of a complete loss of personality, as not only everyday things but also one's own biography are increasingly forgotten. There is no prospect of a cure and those affected can only hope to stay fit for everyday life for a few years longer with the appropriate therapy. This ultimately led Gunter Sachs to decide to end his life before his personality was lost. (fp)

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