Bavaria: Loss of work due to mental suffering

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Bavaria: Increase in mental absenteeism

In Bavaria, more and more people can no longer go to work due to a mental disorder. According to the AOK health insurance company, the number of work-related absenteeism rose by 54 percent compared to the same period last year. Increasing stress and work pressure are primarily responsible.

54 percent more sick days due to mental illness
In Bavaria, too, there has been a surge in absenteeism due to mental illnesses such as depression or burnout. According to a study by the Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse AOK Bayern, the number of mentally related absenteeism has increased by 54 percent. Overall, such diseases caused around 9 percent of all incapacity to work. The main reason for the surge in growth is the enormously increased demands in working life and the increasing stress at work. The most common causes of absenteeism are still disorders of the musculoskeletal system with symptoms such as back pain or hip pain (24 percent). In 2010, the most common reasons for sick leave were flu and respiratory diseases with 11 percent.

Total sick leave below the national average
In Bavaria, however, the total sick leave remained at the level of the previous year despite increased psychological suffering. Due to sick leave, the employer lost around 4.2 working days. A good ten years ago it was 4.9 days. Compared to all other federal states, workers are the least sick in Bavaria. The nationwide average is 4.8 calendar days. The health insurance company used the anonymized data from around 2.1 million Bavarian health insurers of the AOK Bavaria for the evaluation. Sick days and reasons for illness were examined. (sb)

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