Does HEK health insurance get away with seniors?

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Has the Hamburg health insurance company HEK Seniors of the City BKK already swarmed on the phone?

Almost 150,000 people insured with the company health insurance company BKK City have to look for a new health insurance company after the closure has been announced. The Federal Ministry of Health ensures that all City BKK members can easily find a new health fund. According to research by the Fincial Times Deutschland (FTP), numerous older people are literally turned away by some health insurance companies. Supposedly, a specially set up hotline of the Hamburg Hanseatic Health Insurance Fund (HEK) is supposed to give older people the advice on the phone that they "prefer to go to a company health insurance fund".

City BKK insured persons have to look for a new health insurance fund. The "City BKK" company health insurance fund will be closed on July 1, 2011 due to financial difficulties. The step became necessary because even structural measures that had been initiated could no longer prevent the threat of insolvency. The recently introduced additional contribution of a whopping 15 euros also led to a severe loss of members. Until the final closure, all former members must now look for new health insurance. Politicians welcomed the closure of the health insurance fund, as this was "a logical step in terms of competition among health insurance funds". Insured persons should not have to worry about further statutory health insurance, the health insurers are obliged by law to accept new members without health checks. But now older and chronically ill City BKK members in particular seem to have enormous difficulties in finding a new fund. According to reports by the FTP, senior citizens in particular would already flash off at a HEK service hotline. On the telephone of the service hotline, according to reports, senior citizens were advised, for example, to "look for a new company health insurance fund", the newspaper reported on Monday, citing information it had obtained.

Forbidden practice of the HEK? What is actually prohibited by law is apparently still practiced. When asked why admission was difficult, the inquirers were informed that the drug discount contracts were supposed to be checked first. Who is a nursing case, for which "a possibly less favorable new report on the nursing level" might have to be created. In addition, the pensioners seeking advice would be informed on the phone that a change to the HEK could take longer. In order to process the inquiries, the HEK has set up a special service telephone for members of the City BKK to process the inquiries. At the end of the talks, callers were systematically advised to switch to another BKK, the newspaper further reported.

Consumer protection center advises those affected to report HEK advertises itself on its website with the rating "very good" in terms of company quality. So it says: “A HEK customer has the certainty in every life situation that it is something special to be insured with the HEK. The HEK has stood for more quality, more performance and more service for decades. This is also confirmed by our first-class rating results from Assekurata. ” Does this mean in terms of competition that older and sick people are banned from being banned? According to the FTP, the Hamburg consumer protection center would have been monitoring the HEK for a long time on suspicion of selecting members based on age and health. It has often been heard "that older and very sick people are not welcome at this health insurance fund," said the head of patient protection, Christoph Kranich, the paper. "This behavior must be checked legally - it is morally wrong in any case. "A deterrent tactic corresponds to the logic of artificially induced competition in the health system, which also encourages competition between the health insurance companies. The consumer advocates therefore advise those affected to complain to the Federal Insurance Office. If a complaint is made, the procedure will be checked at the HEK.

Securvita-BKK employee wondered about complaints The cases mentioned came to light because an employee of Securvita-BKK reported about it. For example, "dozens of calls from City-BKK members had been received in the past week. Many older people had told about the difficulties." The old women who called me were very irritated, "said the cashier.

HEK rejects allegations The Hanseatic health insurance company based in Hamburg rejected the allegations. A service hotline had not been set up especially for City BKK insured persons, nor would members be rejected on the basis of their age or state of health. Around 21 employees currently work in the telephone service. Due to the small number of employees, there would be no capacity to set up a special telephone offer for City BKK insured persons. A "standardized response procedure" is also excluded. However, misunderstandings are admitted. "If there are any misleading statements in individual cases, then we are sorry," said the HEK deputy chairman, Torsten Kafka, to the "FTD". In retrospect, however, not every conversation can be traced. Like all other health insurance companies, you should also abide by the law, which states that City BKK insured persons must also be admitted. "Of course we stick to that." Kafka emphasized. (sb, gr)

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