Charité subsidiary employees on strike

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Charité subsidiary employees on strike

While the almost one-week strike by nursing staff at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin was declared “for the time being,” last Friday, the approximately 600 employees of the Charité subsidiary Charité Facility Management (CFM) are continuing to cut back on work. In addition to the strike actions, protests are also planned, as it was said.

Subsidiary strike continues
The strike at the Charité subsidiary "Charité Facility Management GmbH" (CFM) continued indefinitely on Monday. According to the "Verdi" union, the company's management has so far not responded to the demands of the workers, so that the industrial action will now be expanded. Around 600 CFM employees stopped work on Monday.

Clinical Operation Restrictions
Nursing staff and technical staff at the Charité main building have started work again, but the CFM strike will also severely restrict the operation of the clinic. The regular operation of the clinic could get out of control "in the foreseeable future", said the trade unionist Helga Spies. The CFM staff are responsible for postal traffic, logistics, surgical sterilization, repairs and, in some cases, for patient transportation.

CFM employees without a collective agreement
The majority of the CFM belongs to 51 percent of the Charité and thus the State of Berlin. The remaining 49 percent belong to Vamed Germany, the Dussmann Group and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. The employees of the company are on strike for a uniform collective agreement. In some cases, the employees only earn around four to seven euros gross per hour. Therefore, significant wage increases are needed, as Spies emphasizes. It is also significant that the SPD-Left Senate does not comment on the "scandalous wages", as the trade unionist criticized.

Negotiations between the university clinic's tariff parties will continue throughout the week. The Charité hospital management had surprisingly submitted a new offer on Friday after the employees experienced incremental increases in wages. No offers have yet been proposed for CFM employees. (sb)

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