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Online evaluation of doctors started: Insured persons of the AOK and Barmer can evaluate their doctor on the Internet in the future

Statutory insured persons from the general local health insurance companies AOK and the Barmer GEK can now rate their doctor publicly for everyone using the so-called doctor navigator. With the evaluation portal, the health insurance companies hope to achieve more transparency and treatment quality for the medical practitioners. If the project gets off to a good start, all other legally insured persons should also have access to the "Health Navigator" in the future. In the future, patients could first check the doctor's competency to act before visiting a doctor. In addition, waiting times, the doctor's attentiveness and the speed with which appointments are made are also included in the evaluation. Doctors fear, however, that such an offer could have an impact on competitors' results and give unjustified reviews.

Will you take advantage of the Doctor Navigator offer before visiting a doctor? Can such a portal actually improve the quality of the treatments, as is the case for example with the holiday rating portals?

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