Chili as a natural aid in losing weight

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Seasoning with chilli every day can increase calorie consumption and reduce cravings for sweets

US researchers report in the science magazine "Physiology & Behavior" of a study project, according to which chilli (Capsicum) is a good support for losing body finds. On the one hand, regular chilli consumption increases daily calorie consumption, and on the other hand, the spicy spice curbs the appetite for sweets and salty dishes.

A total of 25 subjects took part in one study cycle. The participants were divided into two equally large groups. One group seasoned the dishes with spicy cayenne pepper for all main meals, while the comparison group did not add any seasoning. During and after meals, the scientists examined the calorie consumption and body temperature of all participants. In the first group, body temperature and calorie consumption increased. The values ​​remained unchanged in the second group. However, a difference could only be ascertained among those who have otherwise hardly seasoned chili to a very limited extent.

Cravings reduced
Another effect occurred with the eating habits. The appetite for salty, fat and sweet dishes was reduced among the chili participants. Study director Richard Mattes from Purdue University summed up, “Even small additions to eating habits such as seasoning with chilli can be beneficial in the long run.

Chilli can lower blood pressure
Researchers at the “Third Military Medical University” in Chongqing, China, recently discovered that the chili plant has a health-promoting aspect. In a study, the scientists found that the pungent substance capsaicin contained in the chilli plant contributed to relaxation of the walls of blood vessels and could therefore contribute to lowering blood pressure in the long term in the case of chronic high blood pressure. However, people with digestive problems such as heartburn should only consume small amounts of hot spices such as chilli, pepper, mustard or horseradish, as consumption may provoke an excess of acid. (sb)

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