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Occupation of the rectorate at the HTWK Leipzig ended: Students support elected rector with protest action

With the appointment of the Rectorate at the University of Economics, Technology and Culture (HTWK) in Leipzig, students reacted to the refusal of the Saxon Ministry of Science to appoint the Rector Renate Lieckfeldt, who was elected in January 2011, as an election officer.

The students occupied the rectorate at the HTWK for 24 hours. With their protest campaign they wanted to emphasize the demand for the appointment of the rector Renate Lieckfeldt. Lieckfeldt won the rector election in January, but the Saxon Ministry of Science has since refused to name her as rector. The reason: Lieckfeldt is still at an increased risk of relapse after surviving cancer, an appointment as an electoral officer is therefore not compatible with civil service law.

Students occupy the rectorate for 24 hours. An unacceptable attitude for the students. They request that the rector be appointed as of May 1st. The students emphasized this demand by filling the rectorate at the HTWK. From Wednesday to Thursday morning, up to 50 students occupied the rector's office for 24 hours. No further protest actions are planned for the time being, but the announced talks between the elected rector and the Saxon Minister of Culture Sabine von Schorlemer are to be awaited, said the spokesman for the Student Council (StuRa), Christian Wille. Von Schorlemer had signaled willingness to talk to the elected Rector last week in order to reach an amicable solution. The Minister of Science also discussed employment in an employment relationship. However, Schorlemer still ruled out a takeover as an election official, as is normally provided for by the Rector's Office at the HTWK.

Elected Rector signals willingness to talk Renate Lieckfeldt herself made the controversial behavior of the Saxon Ministry of Science public after she was denied election as an election official. The controversial rector emphasized last week that she wanted to fight for the post. However, Lieckfeldt was also willing to talk to the Ministry of Science. The elected Rector emphasized that she was ready to think about the offer of an employment relationship if the Ministry presented it. For Lieckfeldt, however, the question arises of how it can be "that you are healthy enough to work as an employee, but not healthy enough to work as an official". Especially since she is accepted as an official by North Rhine-Westphalia, where she has been Professor of Technical Management in the Department of Physical Technology at the Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences since 2001 and Dean since 2007. In Saxony, Lieckfeldt should not even be allowed to be a temporary official. "I would like to have the ministry explain that," the elected rector emphasized last week to the MDR. Lieckfeldt stated that she would also not rule out the legal process if no further agreement could be reached with the Ministry of Science. However, this was the last resort, since she was aware that a lawsuit could block the rector's position at the HTWK for years, explained Lieckfeldt. (fp)

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