No longer taboo mental illness

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No longer taboo mental illness

Annelie Buntenbach, member of the DGB, said on Wednesday, April 28th, at the “World Day for Safety at Work” in Berlin: “The psychological stress in the world of work has reached alarming proportions and should no longer be tabooed by employers and politicians. Absenteeism due to mental illnesses increased by twelve percent compared to the previous year, and since 1999 the increase has been 80 percent. In addition to the sufferings of those affected and their families, mental illnesses also cause high costs for social insurance and companies. Statutory health insurance alone is burdened with direct costs of around 17 billion euros due to work-related illnesses. Across the EU, the cost of psychosocial risks is estimated at EUR 265 billion annually.

The dramatic increase in mental illness is due not least to increasing time pressure, stress and poor working conditions, especially in precarious jobs. We therefore call on the Federal Government to finally put a stop to the proliferation of precarious employment and to improve the compatibility of work and family. Employers' organizations are encouraged to include the mental health of workers in the occupational health and safety strategy so that the issue is no longer taboo in companies. "(Pm)

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