Tai Chi improves wellbeing in heart problems

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Tai Chi improves the emotional well-being of people with heart problems

According to a US study, regular tai chi exercises improve the general well-being of cardiovascular patients. This was the result of a scientific study, the results of which have recently been published in the science magazine "Archives of Internal Medicine".

Tai Chi improves quality of life
According to a study by Harvard University, cardiac patients, for example after a heart attack, can significantly improve their quality of life with the help of the Asian martial art Tai Chi (Tàijíquán). To achieve such an effect, it is enough to take part in a one-hour group course twice a week. Through the continuous participation, a clear mood improvement as well as an increase of general self-confidence could be determined with the test persons, as it says in the study report published today. A total of 100 people with systolic heart failure, mostly in functional NYHA stage II, were involved in the studies.

Tai Chi with better results than conventional cardiovascular exercises
In the study, the researchers compared the data from 50 cardiac patients who regularly attended Tai Chi classes with those who did conventional cardiovascular exercises. Although there was no difference in the transport of oxygen in the blood in the two groups of participants, the participants in the Tai Chi course showed a significantly increased emotional well-being after completing their studies compared to the cardiological seminar. The director of studies Dr. Gloria Yeh from the medical school in Harvard summed up that tai chi offers itself as a "safe alternative" to the conventional exercise programs for heart sufferers. Participation can therefore be recommended for patients with heart problems.

Asian martial arts Taijiquan
Taijiquan was originally a so-called inner martial art for armed or unarmed close combat. In recent times, tai chi is primarily seen as a meditation and movement theory, which promotes health on the one hand and serves positive personality development on the other. Individual clinical studies of western conventional medicine have shown that regular practice of Tai Chi has numerous positive effects on physical and mental health. The exercises used regularly can strengthen the cardiovascular system, make the immune system more resistant, strengthen general body control and promote the mobility of the body. In Germany there is a Tai Chi school in almost every major city. (sb)

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